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This week on HCW Saturday Showdown, there were some amazing events that took place not only inside the ring, but outside the ring aswell.
To kick off the show a brawl broke out backstage between Highfly and Seeper, creating chaos backstage which only one man could solve.
Cracker came out and decided to put the two men into a match that evening, it would be Highfly Vs Seeper in a Hardcore Match.
Once that was sorted and booked the first official match of the night got started.
MrFudgee Vs Abushee. A very extreme match took place in the ring when Abushee Jumped off the top rope and completely took MrFudgee down and out for the 3 count.
It was then time for the second match of the evening.
Cracker Vs Xbox Man.
This was a very short match which started off in Xbox Man's favour but after 3 minutes of the match Cracker managed to reverse Xbox Mans ankle lock and managed to somehow get him into The Crackster Lock.
It then came down to the Main Event.
Highfly Vs Seeper.
This was a very explosive match, with several high risk moves and even a couple of fights backstage. The match ended up as a tie after both Seeper and Highfly hit eachother with barb'd wire bats which finished them both off.
Match Report :
MrFudgee Vs Abushee
Cracker Vs Xbox Man
Main Event
Hardcore Match
Highfly Vs Seeper

Hardcore Championship Wreslting